The Durian Brothers – Clubs EP (Diskant 01) – 8/10

Drums in excess in the first release of Diskant, a label based in Düsseldorf, the birthplace of Kraftwerk. “Inside Palace” promises musique concrete and abstract noise but then percussion picks up, complemented by bubbling rhythms and subtle strings. Dervishes are spinning, directed by one million sound layers, and signs of cacophony appear towards the end of this 10-minute piece.

On the flip, “hamigokakiko” starts with a hiss and playful sequence, then percussion takes the control with some 1970’s feel, I mean Sun Ra and krautrock. “Planete Sauvage” drops the tempo to gives a bit distorted bass and bells in a laid back mood.

Stefan Schwander, know as Antonelli Electric and Rhythm Maker, is behind The Durian Brothers. Always being fond of minimal (club) tracks, he has now taken a new path with experiments with heavy percussion. Clubs EP is sightly monotonous but hypnotising intellectual rhythm music.

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