Various – Voyeurhythm EP 1 (Voyeurhythm 001) – 9 /10

A confession to start with: the history of soul and funk, and this part of the music world in general, is something quite alien to me. It’s for the experts to say if this record is freshly squeezed tasty juice or just warmed-up bouillon of edits from the cellars. Anyway, I’m impressed about this greatly rolling piece of wax that fits to the home listening, as well as to the club floor.
A-side belongs to Benjamin Sun and “When You Looked” that is a joyful and clamorous piece of old school funk. Megadon Betamax (what a name!) opens the happy proceedings of the B-side with “Heavy Lifting” and with a thoughtful sovereignity of an old funk king. Hollywood Nites, whoever he/she is, serves a more uptempo delight with a cheerful disco-like “Too Many Bells”. All in all something very beautiful and high-spirited.

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