Levon Vincent – Six Figures (Novel Sound 02) – 5/10

The title track is an endless one-groove house piece, short of any character and also the following “Bonus Beats” on the A-side does not turn things much better. You can draw some parallels with STL but the latter is a clear winner of this comparison. B-side rolls along in dub techno moods and alerts you more – despite of millions of alike-sounding productions. “1000 Miles From Home” concludes the story here and as a nice surprise sounds pretty good and flirts with an old organ. Well, the record, released in January 2009, is not a total waste but can’t imagine it making any DJ charts. I guess L. Vincent has done much better than this.


  1. Why have you now reviewed a record which was released more than 1 and half years ago- treating as a new record, making comparisons to STL et all?
    This record was initially released in Dec 2008- very far ahead of it’s time.Try comparing to anthing else from the end of 2008. and furthermore, it was one of the most heavily charted house records of 2009. You should Do your research if you have decided you are an expert. I give it 8/10.

  2. Thanks for feedback! I added a reference that the record was out in January 2009 (I just got it in March). L.Vincent is a great producer but this record did not meet my expectations. I don’t look at charts as they can impact the reviews I do – just listening to the music and sharing my feelings is the way how I do.

  3. Ah very good. Yes, I was reading many of your reviews and thought I agreed many times, but when I saw this, and how inaccurate the information you provided was, I felt to say something in order to be fair. That you got the record in March of 2010, and it was released in the final month of 2008, and to say it wouldnt make charts, when it was one of the biggest charted record of 2009 for underground house music. It was all wrong information, regardless of the opinion. And yes- I still give it an 8/10, and keep up the good reviews otherwise!

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