The Psychic Stewardess – Spiritual Foundation (Strange Life Records 037) – 7/10

It feels like sitting in your favourite cafe and knowing the menu by heart but still enjoying familiar atmosphere and those sweet cakes. The label and the artist tell what to expect. Another strike from Strange Life Records featuring Smackos-like floating and spinning vintage synths with a certain concept, including the identity of the artist. The Psychic Stewardess is presented as “a part time stewardess and psychic from the Californian desert town of Palm Springs” but do you really believe it? Just the label boss Mr Wolfers AKA Legowelt under another guise and even less smarter detectives can recognise his handwriting. If Wolfers really ultimately succeeds in signing a tractor-driving UFO researcher and electronic artist from Antarctica, nobody believes him anyway.
Here a good opener, “Frosty Wings”, that is an occultist mid-tempo composition and shattered minds are lurking also in “Telepathic Synthesis System” and “Ghost Apparitions”. A bit ambient-sounding “Night Service” and “Paranormal Section” are good for moments of self-reflection.
My favourite is joyfully grooving “Falcon Watch” that shows clear floor potential along with concluding “Green Lands”.  Also “Detroit – Rainbows Of Darkness” that starts with a hollow oscillation and, when the beat comes in, there is some Motor City feel surrounded by sawing synths.
One more note: Wolfers still prefers a more cryptic URL ( to that’s also working. Just for keeping the style he should use Gopher for web surfing and a cryptic e-mail address, like, as it used to be almost 20 years ago…
Frosty Wings

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