Alex.O.Smith – Mid 90’s (FXHE Records 432 A) – 8/10

Omar-S here with a huge acidic footprint that’s not made in the sand, we just have to identify the whereabouts of these steps. Cities ashore of Great Lakes have produced essential pieces of house and techno and Chicago was the epicenter of acid.
But Alex.O.Smith remains in his first encounter (correct me if I’m wrong) with the magic 303 box faithful to his home town, following the traditions of Detroit. A clear proof is B-side’s “Mid 90’s”, with snares and hi-hats well in place, that reminds of UR’s “Acid Rain” trilogy that came out in 1993.
A-side has two ultra fine tracks: The first is a wobbly old school exercise with all acid elements in place, it just keeps going. “Ultra Fine Two” sets off with minimal claps and evil bass line and then turns into a slamming acid inferno with strong funky beat. It’s a euphoric helicopter trip that keeps humming inside your head.
Mastered with a few tricks, the slab of plastic is another respectful addition to each acid head’s collection. It’s difficult to reinvent something in this genre in 2010 but all fans of the bubbling sounds are served well here.

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