Mensah – Untitled Future Funk EP (H.E.N.C.H. 017) – 8/10

Miami Vice meets seismic bass in “1986 Was The Future”. Bristol resident Mensah Anderson presents a brighter side of dubstep, combining 80’s sound aesthetics, buzzing effects and tension-raising breaks. In fact the first track is even closer to electro and old school influences can’t be overheard. A catchy melody lends anthem potential to “1986…” and lifts the mood along the simple bass lines and vibrating drums.
Halo of bygone times is also on “Acid Dub”, the opening track of the AA-side, that pays homage to the beginning of the 90’s. Fierce hoover sound along with hectic vocals and piano passages derive from the era when raves were discovered by the UK youth. AA2 or “Untitled Future Funk” turns down the speed and returns to the present days in a more orthodox dubstep composition.
The digital release will have three extra tracks, the sleeve says, and these are well worth checking too. Fascinating goodies dropped here.

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