DUST OFF: Surgeon Meets Vice – Creep EP (Ideal Trax 7/1997)

You may assume that a studio meeting of Anthony Child and Jay Denham is a noisy and pounding affair, but not necessarily, because in “Creep EP” two techno masters maintain a rather low-key and stripped-down dialogue. The title track undulates and swings on minimal bell-like sounds.

Creeper” is even more stripped down and keeps up the same, a bit ghastly feeling. Techno pal D-Knox had come to say hello in the studio and left behind an hallucinating vocal footstep to complement track’s hazy atmosphere. B-side’s “The Point” is a few degrees stronger and spins in a more metallic and technoid mood. Somehow different and in the same great techno record from 1997.

Surgeon needs no introduction and I recommend to get his recent Fabric mix-CD where he combines harder classic tones with new dubbier sounds. What concerns Vice, I was quite unimpressed of his Black Nation Records output, but current record gives a good understanding what he is capable to do.

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