Stingray 313 – Sphere Of Influence/Sentiment [NakedLunch 006] – 9/10

Metaphers of oceanic fauna are very appropriate. “Sphere Of Influence” is a jellyfish floating calmly in the tropic floods of the Caribbean. Warm and even melancholic electro with hints of acid that, despite of certain softness, feels very deep and futuristic.
“Sentiment” is a highlight of 2010 – hot-tempered stingray, who else, with burning electro impulses full of high voltage. The fusillade of powerful beats is smoothed by the vocal sample I love you and genuine jingling synths.A bit longing, but soulful and rough track in the same. Like for those who dress in black and wear masks but place a fallen baby bird back to the nest.
Mask fits well Sherard Ingram: Known as Drexciyan DJ he likes to conceal his identity, as did prematurely departed mystical James Stinson; “Sentiment” may be well dedicated to him. Playing with the pitch would open new perspectives of this clear vinyl. Strong performance.

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