Black Cow – Mojito / Toni The Lefty (Black Cow 003) – 7/10

Black Cow is not an expert of animal breeding: The horned creature pictured on the label is a courageous bull, not a cow. But this observation is irrelevant because the music is worth checking. By style the seven-inch from Japan moves between soul and funk, with two quite differently sounding tracks.
“Mojito” on the A-side is a shuffling percussion and rhythm exercise where we hear lively synths and vocal snippets. On the flip, soulful and latin-minded “Toni The Lefty” recalls bow-tied vocal group and shining horns in Acapulco. Because of the format the tracks are short, but neat.

Black Cow “Mojito”

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  1. What is the sample in toni the lefty??

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