DUST OFF: C-Tank – Nightmares Are Reality (Overdrive 030-12 – 1993)

C-Tank will be prescribed for anger management. Like in “Clockwork Orange”, where violent Alex was forced to watch brutal movies, in expectation these will extract his evil thoughts. This vintage hardcore record may reduce tensions, but afterwards one can’t escape the feeling of deeply and thoroughly hammered beef.
The best for the start: In the title track tempestous battle noises create a threatening atmosphere before brutal kick-drum beats step in. Childish samples from Evil Dead spoil the game a bit, but otherwise, just give a go.
Then “House Hallucination” mixes an housey groove and hardcore beats – for the brave to enjoy. Hard as nails and howling “Tank Trip” manifests the no-compromise approach and “Montonic” adds burning drops of acid. Fans of dumb pounding find their own satisfaction (“Air Bounce”, “The Rave Zone”) and “Biolunch” is just too fast, even with a -8 pitch.
In the first part of 90’s, Overdrive was a large factory of harder German techno that supplied the crowds with massive output ranging from primitive knock-beats to tracks for eternity. It’s surprising that Andy Düx still keeps the label up and running – already for over 20 years.

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