DUST OFF: Genetic Waste Remixes (Delirium Red 06 – 1995)

Soon it’s Halloween and an higher concentration of skulls and obscure figures can be observed even in Estonia. Monster theme has been immensely popular in the hardcore nation and also “Genetic Waste” lines up with threatening symbols. Hard sounds that have well survived the years after being issued in 1995.
The original track is a dark and accelerated slammer, but the best comes on the B-side where Genetic Waste itself and DJ Delirium deliver a really hypnotizing hardcore track, the one with “infinity” sample. It’s a really living track with different beat patterns.
Lenny Dee and Wavelan come with two remixes and I still have to say Lenny’s efforts never convinced me. Too loud, too pounding and somewhat vacuous, like here. Disintegrator’s “Acid Storm” is a fierce hard acid trip for the end.

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