Ancient Methods – Fifth Method (AM-5) – 10/10

The walls of Jericho are shaking again when hit with the sonic assault by Ancient Methods (AM). Baeks and Trias, two masterminds behind the act, are on the move in heavy armor, again in the crossroads of darker techno and industrial.
A1 goes off with a raw and energetic sequence pumping like, I would say, a rave track. At mid-track the tempo is reduced, rhythm altered and what follows is AM’s trademark diesel beat. A2 is a five-second clip of disco, like a mastering mishap.
On the flip of marbled vinyl, B1 is a robust stomper with distorted voice sample and full of amazing power, reminding of some Subhead releases.B2 keeps the standard with basses challenging the needle, the track complemented by funkier beat.
Seems that now defunct Zhark and Possible Records have donated some organs to AM. It’s cyborgian techno, on foundations of early-90’sound, but also with a spirit of older times when men were made of iron and ships of wood.
Since 2007 AM have done only five releases on their own platform, the fact speaks of professionalism and quality. Brilliant continuation of the series with AM-5.

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