Bam Bam – Where Is Your Child (Tresor 10165) – 8/10

This should rather belong to the Dust-Off category because the original “Where Is Your Child” was released in 1988, in the heyday of the acid house. Now it has seen the light of the day again, as a reissue by Tresor.
Fellow Chicagoan DJ Rush has put his naughty fingers on the track and filled the A-side with an harder take, allowing closer to the end an acappella section on bristling hi-hats.
While the title track boasts a classic and fat bass line, the sound of breaking glass and crying baby deflates the overall impression. Yes, the underlying idea is to warn parents about hazy pastime of their kids, but desperate moaning Where is your child? is disturbing. The theme of do-you-know-what-your-kids-do? has been used also in other productions, drop me a comment about this.
For the end “Give It To Me”, a solid acid house trip, as another proof of Chris Westbrook’s skills. Without a crying baby it were 10/10.

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