Omar S – These Complimentary Track’x (AOS432*16 RE-1) – 7/10

Omar-S is a real Motor City man: Produces rough tracks and has a proper day work in automotive industry, at the Ford Motor Company. Been very busy this year and may have needed extra night hours to keep up with the publishing schedule. Now simultaneously with “All I Do”, a collaboration with Roy Davis Jr, a new four-tracker called “These Complimentary Track’x”  is out on his home label FXHE.
Having recently done his first acid record, he continues where he left off: “Solely Supported” is clearly following the lights of Chicago and sounds like warehouse acid. “Under Jamaica” has furious drums and wicked programming of ghetto tracks, a noisy affair. On the B-side, melodies remain detached in “Columns” that is the closest to Omar-S’s “ordinary” tracks – a long composition of dry beats and growling synths. For the end a surprise with “Boot Hill” that is a 78-second outerlude of disco soul, like a field recording featuring a portable radio left on the beach.
Omar S has been a wicked kid of the new Detroit wave and does not look getting tired; however this release will not exactly match his best ones.

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