Various – Sügis (TCD0102010) – 7/10

The sound of facial hair and piercings on the first of three compilations, dedicated to new Estonian rock and other non-electronic music and presented in an home-made collection titled “Sügis” (“Autumn”).
Industrial group Forgotten Sunrise does a few contributions but the vast majority is guitar-based fare, among the total of 22 tracks.
Modern bards Orelipoiss and Contra make a poetic and obscene – for those who know the language – introduction, as short as your breath. The next 14 tracks are focused on noise and furious guitars, ranging from insane punk to mature rock. Good finds are Highmachine (“Hookers From The Swamp”) and heavyweight droning works by Melmac (“The Storm”) and Talbot (“Pick-Up Lane”).
Tolmunud Mesipuu comes with a lo-fi guitar attack and smashing live group Zahir surprises with distorted country hooks in “Bring Me The Head Of Gwyneth Paltrow (In Mind Condition)”. A poppy contribution by Leslie Da Bass (“Trans”) is a rare bird in this noisy and menacing company. “The End” by Sinine is an heavy rock ballad reminding a bit of Nightwish. Insane guitars and white noise in “Black Christmas” by Edasi that redefines Season’s tunes. Aforementioned Forgotten Sunrise has remixed heroic rock group Loits (“Tuleristsed”) and then concludes the comp with quiet “In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)”.
Would have expected more lyrics in Estonian and stronger input of industrial music but it’s an honest collection of harder rock from the country in the shores of the Baltic Sea. Compiled by Trash who runs a music and movie blog where you find also the full track list.

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  1. Thank YOu for review! 🙂

    Second disc “Talv/Winter” includes all tracks in Estonian language.

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