2010 Best Artist: Ancient Methods

Medieval techno funk duo Ancient Methods tops the Best Artist  category. For every listed artist I added a track that impressed me.
1. Ancient Methods “Untitled: B1” (Ancient Methods)
2. Stingray 313 “Sentiment” [Naked Lunch]
3. Delta Funktionen “Please Identify” (Ann Aimee)
4. Marco Bernardi “Msry” (Dirty Planet Recordings)
5. Mark Ernestus Vs. Konono N° 1 “Masikulu Dub” (CNG)
6. Svreca “AW09” (Semantica)



Almost as great artists and tracks, in random order:
Robert Hood “Omega (End Times)” (M-Plant)
Nuel “Untitled: A1” (Aquaplano)
Speedy J “Armstrong”
Bakey USTL “Heroin” (Unthank)
Mensah “1986 Was The Future” (H.E.N.C.H.)
TV Victor “130509” (Non Standard Productions)
T++ “Dig” (Honest Jon’s Records)
Blastromen “Human Beyond” (Dominance Electricity)
Uku Kuut “Vision Of Estonia” (People’s Potential Unlimited)
Emad Parandian “Scud” (Haknam)
Cologne Tape “Render 2 (Magazine Edit)” (Magazine)
Mr Raoul K “Mystic Things” (Baobab Music)
Female “Regis Edit” (Sandwell District)

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