2010 Best Record Shop: Decks.de

2010 was full of great music and I would like to give props to some excellent sources for obtaining it. The lion’s share of the stuff was bought from online stores that top the ranking but I hope that physical record stores remain in business, being also great meeting points and arteries of social life.
1. Decks.de
A regular for my record purchases with vast selection and customer-friendly interface. Allows omnibus orders, i.e. to collect an order during 30 days before shipped. Prices are ok and shipping charges do not hurt – they even offer UPS for €10.90 (to Estonia, delivery time around one week). Decks.de sells only what they have in stock. As a downside some items become available a few days later, rarely never, than at competitors but it depends on the distribution companies. Does not sell digital releases. Launched Decks Classix, a platform for repressing 1990’s gems (Blake Baxter, Moodymann, Jimi Tenor, DJ HMC, etc.).
2. Boomkat.com
The best address for limited-edition and cutting-edge records from really deep from the u-ground, in addition to a superb selection of electronic music chart-runners. Boomkat really knows the trade and in reviews they do stunts with words. Reliable expert advices and recommendations for exploring minds. In addition to hard copies offers also digital formats, including FLAC. Would be the best record shop if they only would drop discriminating shipping charges to Estonia.
3. Honestjons.com
Found it in 2010 and immediately did some orders. Affiliated with the record label of the same name, it offers a quality selection of deeper-minded and exploring releases. If you are into Angolan funk or Turkish chant, it’s your place. A kindred spirit of Hard Wax crew and a foothold of Berlin’s deeper scene in London. Friendly and personal service.

Hard Wax – a classic and a place to visit in Berlin. Mail order offers opportunities to grab Hard Wax exclusives, in addition to usual suspects across techno, house, IDM, dubstep and, of course, reggae and dub. Occasionally items are out of stock, after the order being submitted.
Clone.nl and Rushhour.nl – the Dutch can do it. Both are distributors too and offer many delights, Clone being more focused on electro, wave and nu-disco stuff while Rush Hour keeps the house, funk and soul alive. But you find much-much more at both. Essential places for stocking up the collections; Clone has a digital shop too.
Juno.co.uk – seems to have all the world’s music, huge selection and provides that you know what you are looking for.
Rubadub.co.uk – have heard many good words about it and might discover it in 2011.
Stupido-Shop – sprung from an independent record label. I don’t challenge the statement “simply the best record shop in Finland”. Enthusiastic and friendly owner and a well-stocked place to drop by in Helsinki. Has e-store too.
Sister Ray – still alive and kicking on Berwick Street, London.

Rahva Raamat – a books and media chain in Estonia that courageously stocks a good selection of actual vinyls. In Estonia Lasering is a good choice too.
Ebay – offers tend to be overpriced but sometimes good finds. I used for stocking up with 90’s hardcore and acid classics, thank you Electryx!
Discogs.com – in 2010 tried first time the marketplace, it has virtually anything and prices range from bargains to silly rip-offs. 
Used clothing – if lucky the boutiques sporting this name and sign can stock even records. More likely, in second hand outlets that sell used household stuff and in Tallinn some have several boxes of vinyl too. 95 percent of the stock is uninteresting but in 2010 I found Carpenter’s “Escape From New York” soundtrack, some italo things and 90’s house.

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