2010 Favourite Media (online): Intergalactic FM

This is the category that could be described “too many to list”. I have listed in my profile the blogs and sites I follow, and as you may guess, these are not the only ones.
Although charting the favorites is a challenge, there are some that I would like to present. Excluded is discogs.com, a daily tool, that is anyway in own league.
1. Intergalactic FM
A treasure box for anyone into electro, techno, italo, horror movie soundtracks and whatever else can be found on earth. Or will be found soon. The streaming site was initially set up by I-F as Cybernetic Broadcasting System but later relaunched as IFM. The hardest stuff comes on Channel #1, under the code name MurderCapital FM. Look for archives and great mixes you find there. I should remember my donation to the site.
2. mnmlssg
It was a mix by Hauntologists Vs Cheap And Deep that took me to the website. Initially thought it’s “just another blog” but discovered how consistently the site is run. The best feature are the DJ-mixes, ranging from Luke Hess and Kassem Mosse to Silent Servant and Ancient Methods. Great articles about current state of electronic music and party reviews. mnmlssg produces a lot of tweets too.
3. Soundcloud
For sharing music and inviting people to buy records. It may host also some pirate files but it’s a trustworthy source for finding sound clips uploaded by artists themselves. This platform will see another growth year in 2011 and hopefully also many archives, not only new releases find their way to the site. Just a good example for other labels: The Vision’s “Detroit: One Circle” can be found at Soundcloud.

And then there are Ebay, Youtube, all great online record shops, and sites like Planetaryfunk, Moth, Heliori, POPOP, Trash Can Dance – to name only a few.

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