Preview: Shackleton at the Club 2011 launch in Tallinn (1.1.11)

shackletonIn 2011 Tallinn is European Capital of Culture and a lot will happen on the club and music landscape. On 1 January 2011, for those who have recovered from the New Year’s Eve, a new event series called Club 2011 is kicked off. Headline performer is Skull Disco founder and dubstep hero Shackleton, definitely a genre-expanding producer and sound wizard whois a much anticipated guest at any event.
Also from local perspective the line-up is impressive: live performance by a trio composed of Rainer Jancis, Rasmus Merivoo and Joel Tammik. On stage also eccentric Andres Lõo, techno-acid-electro-mix-up team Sex Drive Live, Mustad Noodid plus DJs Raul Saaremets, Rhythm Doctor, Siim Nestor, Jaagup Jalakas, Kreck a.o.
The venue is Metro Plaza, a chic office building in Tallinn City, turned into club for that particular night. Tickets €10.00 at the door and please remember that euro is the official currency in Estonia as of 1 January. You can spend your kroons too if any left. (in Estonian)

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