Function – Variance 1-3 (Sandwell District 13B)

Rating: 7/10

Hard to believe but this is my first Function release, although the guy has been around for more than a decade and recently moved to the spotlight with Sandwell District. Here is David Sumner’s solo effort on a techno label that shows the direction at the moment.
Maybe the expectations were too high but I had to be patient to get to the essence of this record. The first two tracks are searching for techno’s ornamental angle. After a minimalistic and flimsy composition for the start, the following “Variance 2” is a rather dubby affair and does not stand out at all. The show really begins in “Variance 3”: Acid bites and weird moaning on a minimal hypnotic groove takes the release into new heights.
It’s professional work that does not have the drive for peak hours on the floor but fits well to the picture Sandwell District is painting.

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