Various – The Box Vol. 3 (Theory Recordings 037)

Rating: 8/10

Sometimes I like fat menus. With mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, you name it. Also in the music, really fat stuff. Here come four calorie-saturated dishes, served by experienced chefs to make you feel heavy and happy thereafter. All the gear slaps and kicks to full enjoyment of bass addicts.
Raunchy introduction by DJ T-1000 with serious ghetto techno. The title “Bout’ To Bang It” tells where we go and Ben Sims’s remix adds some extra bangs. Then an oldie by DJ Skitzo: “Impact Zone” is originally from 1995. It’s Lester Fitzpatrick, who did the craziest techno staccatos ever released on Relief Records.
On the B1, monsters moan and acid lines bubble in Tim Baker’s and Elbee Bad’s horror-movie feeling track “Sideways”, remixed by Sims and Paul Mac. The latter goes solo in the B2: “DVD Crash” could be a digital era interpretation of Tyree’s classic “Video Crash”. I love this dirty and freaky sound.

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