Aamen – Diskoveri (Trash Can Dance TCD072011)

Rating: 7/10

“Diskoveri” (“Disco Blood”) is an album one can not easily ignore. Either you like it or not, but it is an intense melting pot of 20-odd styles. You arrive to a hectic party with Count Dracula, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Hänschen and Gretchen and many other luminaries of the unreal world.
Rephlex artist Ovuca came to my mind when listening to Aamen and some tracks could be filed under braindance, but it is quite a mess of influences. Guitar in a lonely American diner (“Pisibehmed aknad”), electric wave pop (“Kal’n’bass”), industrial meeting black metal (“Black Metal and Pink Plastick”), piano keys (“Promised Never Promise Again”), plus noise, breakbeats… Did not find any techno, by the way.
There are a few highlights. “VVEEBEEMM” and “Altmetsa teelt” (or “We’ll Done” what the track is titled in Soundcloud) sound like remixed Nitzer Ebb; “SeeUnustatudRahuMaailm” is floating and poppy synth piece that could get wider recognition. My favorite is boombastic “Misantscopic”, like modern choral music that, despite of occasional machine-gun drums, sounds almost sacred.
The shortest piece of this 30-track-CDR is the opener “Kits skit” (0:32) and the longest is the concluding “Unenäostnäkku” (4:46) – so the tracks are in ascending order by length.
Aamen has got the touch and imagination but should consult a career expert, which style and direction to pursue. There are several good finds on the album as are dull and annoying cuts and I missed the bass in many parts.
Aamen – Koleidaskoop – 22 – We’ll done by Aamen

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