Flashback: Auxmen in Tallinn (2003) and coming again…

Picture source: www.aux88.com

Detroit electro is coming to Tallinn: On 8 April Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo Live in the club Korter, supported by local act Fuck Yuo I Am A Robot as well by DJs MRDS and Punch.
It is the second time they are in Tallinn; a party in October 2003 attracted masses to enjoy Auxmen’s vibrant live performance. Some notes from this event in Von Krahl:
Auxmen was the highlight of the night [in the lineup were also Rajaleidja (Joel Tammik), Scion and DJ Rob Rowland]. Without hesitation, two guys from Detroit, Keith Tucker and Blak Tony, got to work and started firing up the crowd with slogans like “no more standing at the wall, everybody dance”. And it was body-dance they instigated. With a mixture of 313-area classics, Auxmen organized a time travel through the highlights of Detroit’s electronic music.
In a stark contrast to the two preceding Germans [Scion], Americans placed much emphasis on the show. The tracks were full of force and those who expected some floating and dreamier sounds, which can be found on some of Tucker’s productions, were left empty-handed. Instead the bass boomed through the room, Blak Tony constantly harassed his microphone with battle cries and Tucker’s voice appeared only through the vocoder. The room rocked like in the Black Sabbath Riot.
The following sample is from Auxmen 2, released in 2003 by Puzzlebox Records:

More about upcoming gig (in Estonian).

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