Various – Full Circle (Silent Season SSV01 – 2010)

Rating: 8/10

Firstly, there was a shock: The record sleeve that emerged from the mailer looked very much second-hand and a merry couple, who did not look like electronic artists, smiled at me from the illustration. Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams, what the … Then I flipped it over and, to my relief, saw the print ‘Silent Season’ on the frontside. Then realized the meaning of ‘recycled sleeve’ in the description of the first vinyl release by Canadian label Silent Season.

When hearing the first chords of Iori‘s “Plume”, I thought ‘oh no, is it just another drop in the vast sea of dub techno’, but the opener of the four-track compilation is better than usual output of this kind, carrying solid power and booming through the room. My favourite track is the next, “In The Maze” by Rie Lambdoll / Relapxych.0. As mysterious as the act name is the track with modest tempo and folk rhythms complemented by haunting female voices. This is a track to express wild nature of British Columbia, the home of Vancouver-based label. On the flip, Mohlao (“Anektode”) builds into a melodic electro with spiraling synths. For the end, Deer gives a few drops of bass in “Twisted Neck Companion”, but the rest of the track is mature electronica with hints of pop sounds.

Full Circle is a limited run of 200 hand-stamped records, in recycled and screen-printed sleeves – you see, many magic words to inflate consumer and collector interest. More importantly, it’s the music that matches the efforts in the artwork.

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