Iori – Lapis EP (Prologue PRG019 – 2011)

Rating: 9/10

It alerts your mind without getting emotional. Japanese producer Iori drops two bass-heavy and linear tracks for travels between the Earth and space, as manifested on the label picture. Already first moments of the A-side tell that heavy black vinyl is well exploited to capture thundering feel of this production.

Destructive bass and hi-hats introduce “Lapis 1” that is gradually blended with morphed acid lines and working its way through the tunnels filled with fumes from a steel processing factory. However the second half of the track is quite uneventful, pumping along in a monotone way.

Without abandoning deep bass, “Lapis 2” offers a more varied landscape of sounds the are centered around boiling and smoking acid sequences, lending a dark trance flair to the B-side and reminding of recent output by Mike Parker, Giorgio Gigli, Nuel, and, from mid-90’s, Sähkö’s Philus.

Prologue Music, a new techno powerhouse from Munich, has won with Iori another excellent producer who recently showed his dubbier side on the “Full Circle EP” on Silent Season. Only it’s a pity that “Lapis 3”, the winner track of Tom Bonaty’s Smoke Machine Podcast, is not included on the vinyl release and will be out digitally only.

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