DUST OFF: Olga+Jozef #07 (OJ-07 – 2000)

Olga and Jozef were not wedding musicians from the Carpathian Mountains, but a proper techno label from Bratislava. Slovak scene, with artists like Rumenige or Kre, teased the floors with banging tracks and made a contribution, when at the millennium switch the axis of European techno moved to the East – if we also recall Umek and other Slovenians.
This is a strong release, which on the A-side offers tribal-fueled dense loops and on the B1 a real feast of repetitive beats, before a chillier conclusion.

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  1. Yeah, those guys ran things in Slovakia back in the day. Toky (aka Rumenige) still enjoys a legendary status. There used to be a club called Ucko near the Bratislava castle where all the top Slovak techno spinners used to play on regular basis alongside guests such as Surgeon, Takaaki Itoh, Thomas Krome and dozens of others. Good old times!

  2. Thanks for recalling local vibes. The Slovak scene also reminds of a label with most wonderful name – Palicavonzvreca.

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