Edward – A Piece Of Us (Giegling 07)

Rating: 9/10

“More light” did Johann Wolfgang Goethe allegedly exclaim before passing into the eternity in Weimar, a city in Germany and the home base of Giegling Records. Now the light comes from this relatively new but impressive label, which brings fresh air from Germany.
Whereas the music is pitch black house-funk, with slow intermezzos ruled by sentimental sax and soft horns (“Human Leaks”). A blind test would place the record in the neighborhood of Moodymann and Levon Vincent (good example “Ours”), because of attitude and groove strongly rooted in the tracks. My favorite is “Society 0.5” with a robotic vocal sample on ample house bass. Not a new release, but sounds timeless. Only the question, who is Edward, remains unanswered.

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