The Amazing Births – Younger Moon (Cylindrical Habitat Modules 55)

Rating: 8/10

It’s the turn of Westlake, Ohio to put another US city on the map of a new electronics acts. Whereas The Amazing Births is not a rookie thing, as both members, Julian Gulyas and Mark McGuire, have made music in several groups. Still it’s their first LP, after two cassette releases on Cylindrical Habitat Modules.
Electronics and synthesizers are the protagonists but seeing it as another synth and drone album would be a very untrue assumption. The textures are smudged and rather warm, except in the A2 track “P.K. Ripper” with a dramatic melange of voices and subtle pulsating bass sounding like sharp-edged interpretation of Wendy Carlos’ work.
Bits and bytes are oscillating in beatless mode in the opener “Dial Out”, which expresses the moods of early stages of information society, when future of computing was seen in Eniac. On the flip, guitar-backed electronic narrative “Whelm” is the closest to what could be described as new age sound. 
For the end comes “Eclipsed By The Younger Moon”, a bit melancholic piece for those standing at the window and looking how the sun plays on little fishes in aquarium, before the synths start showing a grim face. Forty minutes of lush sounds that require listener’s attention for full enjoyment

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