Red Stars Over Tokyo – Hits Of Sunshine (Hot Hair 04)

Rating: 9/10

Never heard about the Red Stars Over Tokyo before. The act name promised an atmospheric affair, as did the album title “Hits Of Sunshine”. Had a strong feeling of prejudice of being affronted with sounds that are good for watering the plants. Not true, it offers much more.
The title track is, as expected, a lush electronic composition, although minimalistic humming interference closer to the end hints that this might not be so mellow thing. Also in “Lost Trace” the beats are still buried, but odd voices reminding of sacral choir and secretive whispers indicate a small change.
Only when you think it’s really sofa music, the gates are slammed open and a cavalry of freaky beats is unleashed in “I Can Hear Your Breathing Heart”, reminding of diluted Zhark-like loop machine. The track is twinned with B-side’s “March Comes In Like A Lion”, both reminding of Container’s LP on Spectrum Spools.
In turn “Endless Dreaming”, “Imaginary Landscapes” and the concluding “The Long Day Closes” are of fragile nature again, seeking the ultimate beauty with synths while not abandoning pulsating bass beneath the surface. I’m obviously lacking words when describing this mini-LP, the music tells for itself. Deserved to be played on repeat.


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