Blender techno


This year we have witnessed the invasion of wired punks moving on the fringe of electronic music. Hailing often from small-town America and ignoring the trends of the techno jetset, this new breed of artists has stirred up the scene in 2011. KPLR, Container, Red Stars Over Tokyo, Pete Swanson, Vatican Shadow, to name a few of them, have gained much respect and sheer admiration.

There is a perfectly drafted piece on this phenomenon by Mnml Ssgs guys where the new direction in electronic music is dubbed “post-techno”. Fits pretty well in my view, the only thing is that “post” is a quite common attribution, in music also used for ambient and IDM; I also remember that Leo Anibaldi’s output was once described “post-acid”, and there are more “post”-things”.
It’s an endless discussion how to call music styles, but I still share my associations with the new direction in electronic music.It’s a blend of different styles like techno, IDM, acid, noise, synth-pop, dark ambient, psychedelic rock, folk, just name it. All that thrown into one pot and jammed together by razor-sharp blades of a blender machine.

For those needing introduction to blender techno, two suggestions from the 14 Tracks series by Boomkat: bundles of psychotic repetition and from the outside looking in are a good start to delve into the scene. And “psychotic techno” is a great definition too …

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