DUST OFF: K-Alexi – All For Lee-Sah (Transmat MS-8)

My hands start to caress you, down from the shoulders to your waist… Once I did a tape for my girl and the title track had to be there, for sure. A piece of vinyl sexy as hell, being a good match to Lil Louis’s “French Kiss” in this particular category, it offers many other qualities too.

Keith Alexi Shelby is from Chicago and although he didn’t belong to the first wave of the city’s acid house producers, Shelby became a prolific sound writer with releases also on European labels like Djax Up, ACV.

Transmat and acid house is not an obvious combination. Still at the end of the eighties the label hooked up with the smiley hysteria and released a few smiley-style records, this one being the best of them.

As said, really no strings attached in ultra-sensual “All For Lee-Sah”, that is not a straightforward floor burner, but a chaotic mix of lazy beats and stoned vocals, on a snare and hi-hat backdrop, getting really ecstatic towards the end. “My Medusa” is a monotone jacking and squelching cut, feels like seeing your twisted and stretched figure in a fun-house-mirror. For the end, “Vertigo” gives a proper Chicago acid workout.

This one is a repress and even Discogs can’t tell when it came out. I guess in 1995 or 1996, drop some comments if you know more.

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