11/2011: Darkestral, Sandwell District, Kann

November was a month of several quality releases that required to extend the Terminal 313 top at Juno to twenty entries. Label of the month title goes to Darkestral that tops the ranking with “Last Train To Lexington”, a raw electro two-tracker by Transportation AAD. In the third spot is “Darkestral EP”, a various artists release featuring Grey Goo, Vaalhaala and Transportation AAD with tracks ranging from fine-painted electro to dark ambient sounding cuts. Another winner is Sandwell District, recently excelling with high-voltage techno by Rrose (“Merchant Of Salt”) and by Silent Servant (“Hypnosis In The Modern Age”).
Since its launch I’ve kept an eye on the output of Germany’s Kann Records that adds another beautiful deep house release “Undermyarms” by Falke. More train themes come from Ex-Cabaret Voltaire man Chris Watson, who (field-)recorded in Mexico a concept album for Touch, which issued two remixed tracks on a nice EP called “El Tren Fantasma”.
Good stuff also by K Alexi Shelby, Karl O’Connor, KXP and many others. Although I usually do not add represses/reissues to the ranking, the 2011 release of Boo Williams‘s classic “Home Town Chicago” is worth a special mention.
Direct link to the chart.

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