OLD TAPE: Spiral Tribe – Sirius 23 (1993)

“Sirius 23” is a release by decadent techno vagabonds, united under the banner of Spiral Tribe in the mid-1990’s. Seeing free techno parties as a constitutional right, the ST community travelled the lands to set up wild illegal parties and in the sidelines manged to release a number of records, most of them on own label Network 23.
Never seen any vinyls of the Spiral Tribe and also this “Sirius 23” is from a cassette made by a friend, as some of these hard-to-find records were in circulation in Tallinn. This EP offers four tracks of sheer rave madness, more breakbeat-focused on the A-side while on the flip big sound systems would love thunder bass and sloppy beats in “Going All The Way” and acid showers in “Preditor”.
Would be great if some readers could share memories about Spiral Tribe, about the group’s adventures in the different corners of UK and elsewhere.

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