Jean Piché – Heliograms (Digitalis DIGIV040 – 2012)

For listening “Heliograms” living room is the minimum requirement because the album aims to the spheres well above the clouds, even higher than the normal cruise altitude. Crystal clear skies would be a perfect setting for a sacral experience with the music of Jean Piché.
Especially the first composition, “Ange”, is a lucid minimalistic drone for believers, under protective wings of holographic angels. For visual support just imagine medieval paintings with biblical motives. “La mer à l’aube” continues with vibrations of computer music, in a more complex composition with ebbs and tides of synth waves and touches of musique concrète. Moving in the backwash of the end-1970’s disco craze,”Rouge” is the most rhythmic part of the album, where a staccato of synth sequences gradually transforms into floating layers. The title track “Heliograms” makes a return to the cathedral, for introspective moments with digitized organ and piano
Thirty years have passed since the first release of “Heliograms”. Canadian composer Piché recorded the album between the years 1977-1980 during his time in Vancouver and created a fine collage of synthesizer sounds, compositions like art installation and reflections of inner-self. The album contains deep undercurrents for a profound listening experience, brought to you soon by Digitalis Recordings.

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