EDMX – Cerberus (Power Vacuum Powvac002 – 2012)

Release date is August 2012

Ed DMX, the man who was singing I am a mouse, I like eating cheese on “Nu Romantix LP”, is now transformed into a brutal kind of species for a new release on Power Vacuum. Launching the onslaught under the EDMX disguise, he drops a violent acid banger with the title track “Cerberus”, where wall-shaking bass drum reminds of PCP’s school of hardcore.

After being exposed to ruthless fire of machine guns, highly intellectually titled “I’m Rushing My Tits Off” feels almost downtempo, but the kick drum is not sleeping and suffocating electro with Polygon Window textures knocks the brain. Acid worms return in “Orange Squash”, which features some elements of Rephlexian braindance.

“Cerberus” is definitely more impressive than Power Vacuum’s debut release by Bintus. Feel the jaws of a beast on your neck.

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