Triangleforever – Brink Of Disappearance (2012)

Known for tweeting graphic codes, Triangleforever has now outed as experimental musician with a digital album called “Brink Of Disapperance”.
The Bandcamp page creates an impression of smoked glass placed on your screen, so the design wonders are not limited to the myriad of symbols on Twitter. The release itself features seven tracks of Gothic electronica under the veil of sentimentality, with domination of dark emotions. “Just A Moment” is a song performed by a choir of lost souls and “Claudia” is a slowly burning witch-house derivative. Cinematic dialogue on dreamy drone can be found in “No Forgiveness” and of the two reworks of “Just A Moment”, synthetic Sleetwalker Remix is worth to mention. The next stop is Tri Angle Records?


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