CHXFX / PLKZFX – Exoferric / Latent Acid (Further Records – 2012)

An entirely X-obsessed release by two electronic heads, originally known as Nochexxx (here disguised under Chxfx) and Ekoplekz (Plkzfx), who come with a split release to demonstrate expertise about machine manipulations.
Chxfx’s territory is filled with wrenched sound explorations, characterized by rhythm disorder and noisy lo-fi mess all over the place. With his sketchy approach Chxfx leaves an impression of random tests with gear, ready for surprises. It contains early electronics oscillations (“Ecocide”), sickening cacophony (“Condor Drive”) or click & glitch ambient (“Format Migration”). But we also face “Palace Underseas”, eight thoughtful minutes with piano elements.
Although remaining in the path of abstractions, Plkzfx is more fond of clean-cut rhythm structures and some tracks might work on the floor, for instance distorted drum exercise “Metaflukz” and its twin brother “Metaflux II”, both reminding of Pan Sonic’s soulless mechano-funk. Beat arrangements are in the main role also in “Henshin Cyborg” and “North Super Jam II” while “Horikawa Scout” dives into bubbling loops.
With its sound convulsions “Exoferric / Latent Acid” is an exciting addition to the catalog of Further Records. Also the choice of format is obvious for this kind of music – a two-cassette battlepack, which was in such a high demand that label had to report own out-of-stock status shortly after the release.

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