Truss – Ganymede (Perc Trax TPT 055 – 2012)

Release date is in September 2012

Perc Trax is a sure bet for uncompromising and oppressive techno, if we only think of Perc’s recent “A New Brutality” or Forward Strategy Group’s album. Now Truss, a gear wizard from London and trusted associate of the Perc camp, follows up his recent industrial waltz “Clytha” on Our Circula Sound and drops with “Ganymede” a bonding title track in line with industrial attitude of the label. The shuffled-beat original pushes you against the wall, when sending hoover blasts and acid flashes on shredded drumming. Label head Perc adds some extra kick, shaking it like in the hull of a ocean freighter hit by heavy storm while his dub version offers minor variations of the previous. Up-and-coming DJ Skirt strips it to the basics while keeping the half-step foundations of the original. For the end lands “Hackney”, a blatant acid techno jam bolstered with heavy drum kick.

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