Andreas Gehm – What’s On Ur Mind EP (Mathematics MRI64 – 2012)

Mathematics Recordings really deserve close attention as they excel with quality output coming from Jamal Moss and his consorts both from the US and overseas. German producer Andreas Gehm has been affiliated with the imprint before and after a joint effort with the legendary Steve Poindexter, the German drops another four-track tool in the Chicago vein.

Having obtained recognition with his acidic blasts under the Elec Pt. 1 alias with releases on Bunker, Kommando6 or Psycho Thrill, Gehm has chosen a smoother and acid house-inclined approach in his recent productions and the new EP on Mathematics features classy Chicago house tracks with a hint of jack. With a gloomy recital in “Fire & Ice” and futuristic buzzing bass line in “From Space 3 Suns”, the A-side is a great introduction. The flip comes with soulful and groovy cuts that are radiating warmth all over the globe.

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  1. Correction #1: “Penthouse Traxx #1.0” was a Manager_111 release, out on Psycho Thrill in various colored vinyls in 2006-2008, so Penthouse Trax is not Gehm’s label.

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