DUST OFF: DJ Jokke (Radiomafia) – Relief & Cajual Mix (1995)

Now when Strut has released a truly essential compilation “Only 4 U: The Sound Of Cajmere & Cajual Records 1992-2012” featuring the highlights of Chicago’s second wave label Cajual, it’s time for a little flashback.
Fond memories from the hot night of 29 July 1995. She had already fallen asleep in the other room and I decided to stay awake for a while, to tune into the Radiomafia channel transmitted from Helsinki. Hearing “Enter The Dragon” and “Flash” for the first time, the tracks struck me like a lightning. What followed was about 30 minutes of pure audio sex.
It was a good decision to push the record button of my tape deck. Mixed by Finnish electronic dance music influencer DJ Jokke, the clip features some of the Cajual & Relief tracks that rocked the floor in the summer of 1995.

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