Matti Turunen – Elokuu EP (Muhk Music MK001 – 2012)

Release date is in November 2012

Matti Turunen, one half of the electro duo Morphology, celebrates the launch of Muhk Music with a three-tracker which adds another contender to the ongoing challenge about Detroit’s outposts in Europe. Surely, the North can do it too, Turunen from Finland assures in this new EP on a label run from Sweden.

The man from Järvenpää uses hardware to record in one take, lending a genuine feel to the music. The title track “Elokuu”, which means August, is like about remnants of the summer, but even when leaves start falling from the trees these warm chords are protecting from the chill. Glimmering and thriving analogue compositions which might easily originate from Transmat or 430 West headquarters.

In the same vein is “Stars”, featuring an euphoric synth groove from the mid-track. Lights are dimmed for “Things You Duo” which reveals Turunen’s electro roots and is equipped with a devouring acid line for a more serious side of the EP. In the same it retains the chord-driven overall atmosphere, also known from Jori Hulkkonen’s earlier releases.
Muhk Music’s debut is in a way an orthodox interpretation of Detroit’s soulful face but sounds surprisingly fresh in the context of 2012. Watch out for the cow.

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