Metasplice – Decant (Morphine Records doser015 – 2012)

Hardly any daylight penetrates to an Antarctic polar station where experiments with hazardous substances of extragalactic origin are conducted in “Decant / Churn”, for another proof how Rabih Beaini’s Morphine Records is obsessively exploring the fringes of electronics. This time under discharge is the second tankful by Philadelphia’s abstract techno crusaders Metasplice, already taking no prisoners in the debut EP “Topographical Interference”.

Current brain-straining exercise is introduced with machinery malfunction of worst kind in “Decant”. After minutes of deformed noise and tension-fueling claps, the valves are gradually opened to release the steam, guided by tin-dipped percussion for a mental build-up. In “Churn” all systems remain in the error mode when bleeping signals and robustly pulsating bass emerge from the haze, all this exposed to the constant state of alarm for entire seven minutes.

Hijacking the genome of Sähkö or Raster-Noton and challenging Vatican Shadow, Metasplice and its disoriented sound assaults are a revelation in 2012, reaching new peaks in the obscurity quotient and opening new perspectives on the floor.

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