Nick Simoncino – The Other Side (Finale Sessions FS011 – 2012)

Release date is in October 2012

“OTP Party Breaks #4”, a pretty decent job in the footsteps of the eighties disco-house, was in 2010 an incidental purchase and my first meeting with Nick Simoncino’s music. Thereafter the Italian DJ and producer has put out a steady flow of releases, including on Mathematics and L.I.E.S., and increasingly shown affection for the canons of Chicago and Detroit.
He is also commuting between those two cities in “The Other Side”, a three-track EP out soon on Finale Sessions. With the title track “Symphony Of Brotherhood” he has programmed an ample tech house groover and the same mood continues in “Thank You Elisa”, featuring compulsory acid line and soft pads. Majestic chords dominate in “Got U On My Mind” on the flip, playing with an array of percussion and glimmering keys making it the best pick of the release.
A kindred spirit of Aril Brikha and Raiders Of The Lost ARP, Simoncino drops a chord-driven release with a high feel-good quotient. Perfect music for a drive in the city on a rainy evening.
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