Riviera – Sr11 E.P. (Muscle Records MUSCLE001 – 2012)

Not sure if this black label four-tracker will create fuss in tourist hotspots of Riviera. Although coming from Italy the act keeps distance to the glamorous party scene and, after having pumped up the muscles in a no-frills gym, hits with a Spartan techno slam.
The debut release of Muscle Records is about solid analog rumble, like in the opener “Amme” which is built of DJ Skull-style skitzo-frantic bass line and synthetic effects we know from recent output of analog fiends Frak. Bass continues the journey in distorted mode in “Repitions” that might find liking among Dance Mania fans.
On the flip “Sarah” takes to karaoke session performed in soulful manner by a visiting relative, backed by deformed disco funk. The day is concluded with acidic Chicago groove in “Time Ago”. All that says – get Riviera and have a scenic view over techno landscape.

Riviera – SR 11ep – muscle001

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