George Paar – Despertar Con Otro Nombre (Par Wax PRW004 – 2013)

Release date is in January 2013

Montevideo is calling again when the catalog of Par Wax, a techno outpost in the Southern hemisphere, is extended with the fourth vinyl release. The four-tracker from Uruguay offers two originals by the label manager George Paar aka Jorge Castillo plus two remixes of the opening track.
Paar has found a new direction when gradually ditching the generic droning techno textures, heard in previous Par Wax releases, for more varied compositions.
Still thunder and hiss are firmly in the place in “La Llamada a Los Albores del Amanecer” which is a floating wildlife-inspired tune travelling at 125 BPM above the vast and grainy surfaces of the mountainous deserts. “Despertar Con Otro Nombre”, recently charted by Giorgio Gigli, which is introduced by deep roar and mysterious hum gradually merging the layers of fire and ice for a ominously pulsating cut.
Young and furious European guys are on remix duties for “La Llamada a Los Albores del Amanecer“. The demolition squad arrives straight from Italy when Conrad Van Orton aka Andrea Zanchetta leads the charge in combat boots for a monotone monster. In another version Frankfurt sends greetings with a remix by Patrick Krieger who maintains tight floor attitude with fat percussion and echoing chords. Track titles sounding like Latin American poetry and  artwork are additional bonus of the release.

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