The 15 Dead Minutes – Scheming Things (Trensmat TR035 – 2013)

Release date is April 2013

Contrary to the assumption that Trensmat is a tribute to Derrick May’s cult label, the Dublin imprint shows rougher face of the electronic music with the debut EP by The 15 Dead Minutes. Scheduled for February 2013, the four-track vinyl with two digital extras is a stimulating shot for the sleepless of the night.
The act from the UK fires up the floor with squelching 808 and sturdy bass lines in „The Runway” for a cyborg version of acid house. More juice is squeezed out in “Children of the 303” where the good old silver box is brought out for body control, only the child samples are slightly annoying.
“Fibril”, tested with success on the crowd, swells from luminous intro into magnetizing electro blast and additional octanes are pumped into the system with “Internal Dialogue”. “MacReady’s Tape” and “Mess” are two digital bonus tracks coming with the vinyl release which is mainly sold by the label in direct mail order.
With gnarling riffs and drum machine workouts the “Scheming Things” delivers corrosive electro akin to the labels like Temple, Bunker or, more recently, Power Vacuum. Looking at Trensmat’s back catalog the label has been focused on experimental noise and psychedelic rock but is now convincingly embracing new targets.
Pre-order directly from Trensmat.

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