BLACKNECKS – BLACKNECKS 000001 (Blacknecks BLKN001 – 2013)

Release date is in May 2013

Screaming out loud in capital letters and knocking on the door with iron fist is BLACKNECKS, an anonymous act living the somber technoid dreams of two unknown producers.
No track titles given so we just start with A1, which is specimen punishing techno centered on crushing percussion with ghastly modulations and irritating riffs. It would be a worthy companion of EDMX’s “Cerberus” in a mix.
Secret floor formula has been applied in A2 for twisted kick drum session run through distortion tubes. All that is like a turbocharged remix of Metasplice and a good anthem for a cyborg parade.
The rule of mighty bass continues on the flip where B1 is a ghetto-flavored techno cut with looped vocal chop to wink at Blawan. In B2 arrives the hell or heaven of a drum addict, when brutal stomp rises from rusty out-of-control machines. Watch out, BLACKNECKS might be after you.

About the second BLACKNECKS release here.

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