Blacknecks 0003 (BLKN003 – 2013)

For the start the Blacknecks techno jet has been rerouted from London to post-season Rimini, as the explosive opener “Fash” summons the resort zombies under the shiny disco ball. Hardened Moroder-esque bass line twins with “Theme From Blacknecks” from the previous release, making a robust nod to Italo worshippers.
The return to usual belters happens on the B-side: “Four Cunts And A Badge” sees most sincerely the machines in pain and the track is fueled by furious kick drum going into the realms of hardcore. Distorted, acid-bolstered “Same Old Brand New You” is soaked in havocking synth noise to round up trashy floor fare from the anonymous duo from UK.

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