Blacknecks 004 (Blacknecks BLKN004 – 2014)

Harbingered by jolly good “Theme From Blacknecks” and “Fash” in the previous editions, the spirit of 1980s Italian club titans is even more present in highly energized bomb “All To The Cosmos, Let’s Go!”, the opener of the fourth Blacknecks installment. The track is an amalgamation of bold disco riffs and solid kick drum for an eloquent italo techno belter. Not sounding cheesy, the Blacknecks challenge Alden Tyrell to a friendly fixture and awake bittersweet memories of the ZYX generation.
On the flip “Hot Legs” step on the techno floor with stomping bass and a pinch of hi-tech funk. For the end a proper lunch, including peculiar British concoction called suet pudding, provides enough calories to speak out the title like “A Wandering Sense Of Disillusionment Eats The Soul Within This Decomposing Establishment Of Pain And Suffering (Bollocks To The Custard, Where’s The Suet Pudding Edit)”, the track itself sounding like an elongated electro rock intro.

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