Klankman – Klankman (Bunker Records ‎4002 – 2014)

A new vessel docked to pier of The Hague’s notorious Bunker. It’s steered by fearless Klankman, in real life known as the local fellow Maarten Epskamp. Contrary to the expectations, the opener “Losing Control” is not a DBX rip-off but a pacemaker for hardened acid house homies, built on muddled Dutch vocals and captivating bass line. “Dangerous Night” boasts a considerably higher sulfur content for hazardous moments in moonless nights.
On the B-side, “Love Hurts” is a pain-filled exercise with massive drum work and Shitcluster-like moaning while “Insomnia” moves in even weirder spheres that could be called freaky ambient house. Across the EP Klankman hardly exceeds the 120 BPM mark but still drops confused yet efficiently rolling tracks for a strong debut.

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